Due donne ai raggi X (two women subjected to X rays): a show about Marie Curie and Edy Lamarr

Due donne ai raggi X (Two  women  subjected to X-rays) is a show at the double sign and that’s why we particularly liked it. The two women in question are Marie Curie, a great scientist, twice Nobel Prize winner and Edy Lamarr, “the most beautiful woman in the world.” The first was a scientist genius, the forerunner of social battles for equal dignity between men and women on horseback between the eighties and the nineteenth century, with humble origins and with little care of himself, who became ill in the name of scientific research and who alone towards the end of his life he had a more “frivolous” drift. The second, however, was known as a Hollywood star and a beautiful woman, but in fact she was also a scientist who, after coming to the top of her success as an actress, devoted, among other things, to a patent from which the modern wi fi cies. To present them by making their live on stage, a scientist whoman who is going to receive a prestigious prize in Paris for her scientific studies, played by Gabriella Greison in a very intersting  monologue.

The show is well-written and well-played, and it’s worth knowing better about the lives of these two extraordinary women, but went on stage at the Umberto Hall on November 7th as a special evening on the occasion of the nineteenth anniversary of Marie Curie’s birth.


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