The Zookeeper’s Wife


The Zookeeper’s Wife is an elegant and sophisticated film about Second World War from an unusual point of view: the Warsaw Zoo. The film, based on  Diane Ackerman’s book The Warsaw Zoo Jews is inspired by the true story of Antonina Zabinska and her husband Jan, the zoo director who in 1939 helped hundreds of Jews persecuted by the Nazis during the invasion of Poland. In the plot of this beautiful film there is love that declines in various forms: in attachment to family first, but also in solidarity with others; there is the passion for animals, the absurdity and the violence of the war. Everything is told with grace and even delicacy; even among the invaders, violent psychologically and physically, there are those who keep a minimum of “humanity”, at least in the end. Everything is progressively destroyed around the female protagonist, played by Jessica Chastain, but heroically she tries to preserve the spark of goodness of the human soul.   Don’t miss this  film,, in the italian theaters from  November 16th.

Laura and Silvia Squizzato before the movie premiere in Roma.


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