The bodyguard the musical at the Sistina theater

A Musical with the capital M that is loved by those who love the genre and especially  by those who love the great Whitney Houston, American singer, actress and filmmaker, who died five years ago and considered universally as one of the most popular and talented voices of all times.

At the Sistine Theater in Rome, until December 5, is set the Bodyguard The Musical, a faithful transposition of the 1993 The Bodyguard film with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.


At the Sistina Theatera Roma before the show Outfit Abitart

In the Italian musical the bodyguard is the actor Ettore Bassi, also chosen for his roles in various television series, not bad but perhaps slightly rigid in his part; the great Helen Tesfazghi  plays Rachel Marron and  sings the songs of Whitney Houston is; the sister is the Italian Loredana Fadda, she is also a great performer of the songs of the show.

Many of you will remember the plot, where there is love in the foreground: a body guard, seemingly tough and detached, and a international  star of the song, firm but capricious, who find themselves in constant contact due to a problem security (a stalker obsesses the singer) and slowly find themselves in love. Something, however, prevents you from living this love that grows more and more and remains imprinted in the heart even by the spectators at the end of the show.

Laura and Silvia Squizzato with Fabio Gilardi, our hairstylist,!


The scenes are well-built (it was not easy to “cut” the scenes of the film by keeping the story straight and credible), sumptuous costumes, the right times, the good performers, and the dancers definitely give energy to their movements.

Not to be missed!

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