The big sick in the italian theaters


If you want to see the triumph of love, do not miss The Big Sick, a sentimental (and sometimes romantic) comedy comes out in Italy on November 16th. The film, directed by Micheal Showalter, was a success in the US, where it released last June, collecting more than $ 50 million.

The script is written four-handed by Kumail Nanjiani (also  actor) and Emily V. Gordon and it tells the true story of their first encounter. In the film Emily is played by Zoe Kazan.

This love story start like so many others love stories: Kumail is a comedian actor who during a performance notices among the public a girl with whom he’ll have a relationship. But there is a big difference between them:  the difference between culture and tradition, since Kumail has a Pakistani-Muslim origin and therefore according to tradition he should marry a woman chosen for him by him family.

Only a serious illness of his girlfriend will give him the courage to break with traditions, which he did not share but from which it was impossible to get away earlier. In this way he also gains the trust of Emily’s parents, Beth (Holly Hunter) and Terry (Ray Romano), a couple in their fifties, sympathetic, somewhat disillusioned and sometimes a little cynical.

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