“Separati in scena” at the Teatro degli Audaci in Rome


One is a well-established professional, with a beautiful house and a robot as a friend instead of his wife; the other is much less “rampant”, unemployed painter and without money after separation.

They are friends even in their diversity. Different is also their way of thinking about a Fabrizio’s initiative, that is, to gain by doing toy boy at his friend’s house.

Laura and Silvia Squizzato before the show. Outfit Abitart



From this awkward attempt to take on the oldest craft in the world, a series of comic situations emerge that leave no breath to the spectator, who enjoys a fun show, full of beautiful  jokes and some reflection on life as well.

Fabrizio Nardi and Nico di Renzo, in the art Pablo and Pedro, reconfirm a well-established comic pair, one of the best in the Italian landscape, which does not show signs of fatigue after more than 20 years of activity together.

Elisa Scarucci, who plays two roles, is fun: on the one hand is a woman who runs the fantasies and the follies of her two friends with a disenchanted naivety, on the other hand she is a gossip cleaning woman and she does not work really.


The show by and with Pablo and Pedro is at the Teatro degli Audaci in Rome until December 3rd. Do not miss it!




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