Romans con Orlando Bloom

Romans, which we have seen in the Alice section of the Rome Film Festival, is a good test for actor Orlando Blooms, which draws in a dramatic and intense role: a simple man, who by profession makes the demolisher, is a good man but with character problems: both in her sentimental relationship, from which she always misses when things are going well, and in her social life by knocking on her best friend when he tries to stop him for a too loud reaction. In reality,  his hardness is the result of insecurity and torment, inheritance of an abuse by a teenager from the priest who everyone, including his mother, trusts. His reappearance will shake him much to the point of transforming his desire of revenge into forgiveness.

Laura e Silvia Squizzato at the Admiral Cinema during the Roma film Festival. Outfit Aline Oliveira

The film is rather interesting but in our view too symbolic: the protagonist looks at the case destroys churches and the finale with the purifying fire, the result of an unsustainable losing, does not overcome the desire for just divine and personal justice. There is little mention of the denunciation or the intervention of the authorities, everything is “resolved” between the victim and the executioner in a final which, as journalists who often deal with these issues, leaves us dissatisfied.


Fans are waiting for Orlando Bloom on thel red carpet during Roma Film Festival


Directed by Ludwig Shammasian, Paul Shammasian. A movie with Orlando Bloom, Janet Mongomnery, Anne Reid, Charlie Creed-Miles. Original title: Romans. Dramatic Genre – Great Britain, 2017,  91 minutes.

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