Maria by Callas, il bellissimo documentario dell’americano Tom Volf alla Festa del Cinema di Roma, un film raccontato dalla voce della Callas


Tom Volf


Maria by Callas: The title represents the leitmotif not only of the documentary but of the life of Maria Callas, called the Divine, always divided into a career that was imposed upon her when she was young and costing her many sacrifices and her desires of woman(she regretted that she didn’t had children and a family. The docu film was premiered yesterday at the Cinema Festival in Rome, in the presence of the director, Tom Volf, who came unrecognized at the beginning and applauded at the end of the projection. A mastodontic work that the director has managed to transform, albeit in the vastness of the documentation in a straightforward and clear story of Callas’s life.
And to tell it, almost exclusively Callas’s voice, that of the great artist on the stage, of course, but also of life, television interviews, and intimacy, in his letters, many of which addressed to his master Elvira de Hidalgo (with the voice of Fanny Ardant who played the Callas both in Zeffirelli’s film and in the Master Class).
There is so much music, with its successes and misadventures: unpublished images while Mary Callas sings for the first time Butterfly; the break with the Met and the Opera of Rome, when in 1958 he left Norma after the first act, in front of the President of the Gronchi Republic and the press and broke up against her. And then there is the love, the break with Meneghini’s husband, who did not love her, but what she represented, the love for Onassis, who made the scenes of her wedding with Jacqueline Kennedy whom Callas learned about newspapers.

Over the years, along with the greater definition of TV images, the image of the Divine is also better defined, which also shows itself as a woman, in her fragility. His work brings her nerves and depressions, momentary retreats from the scenes, new experiences as an actress in the movie Medea by Piepaolo Pasolini, and attempts to return to the scene until her death in Paris in 1972 at 52 as if her intense life had consumed her soul and energy beforehand. On the screen there is a Maria Callas that changes according to the dictates of fashion and the flow of time, but always refined and elegant, beautiful beyond its appearance. You lose yourself by listening to her wonderful voice, admiring her elegance, discovering the details and details of her life and her career.

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