The man who did not understand too much- reloaded

If you are in Rome go to the Theater on this weekend because it is on stage a really fun, well written and amazing show! After the great success of The man who did not understand too much, seven years ago, the new spy-comedy signed Greg and labeled Lillo & Greg arrived at the Olympic Theater, The man who did not understand too much reloaded: unlikely spies trying to save the world from bad guys who want the power to dominate the world, listening to all the bad music!).


Lillo is a normal man with these confusing, confusing, dressed up as the protagonists of the Matrix movie! They all speak with an incomprehensible language, with a recurring sense. Lights, colors, costumes, all about ten and praise for a couple of comedians who never tire and always renewed while maintaining a very good identity with their audience! You have time until December 23th!



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