Dinner with italian chef Ivan Simeoli (at Rome Glam Hotel)

A dinner organized by the friends of Mama Communication, creators of the Hollywood Luxury Room at Rome Glam Hotel on the occasion of the Roma film festival just finished. Actors, producers, show characters have been literally spoiled during these festival days by all the staff, including Mary Calvi and Antonio Lange, creating a real meeting at the party for anyone wishing to have a chat, enjoying some relax moments and enjoy good food. After an aperitif on the terrace, it was possible to sit at the tables of the fine restaurant, always on the fifth floor of the Rome Glam Hotel; and so we have also done in one of the last beautiful roman evenings before the rain; so in the company of the beautiful and nice actress (and friend) Chiara Sani, always funny Andrea Roncato and his wife Nicole Moscariello, we wanted to taste the flavors of young chef Ivan Simeoli, engaged first from Naples then to London and finally around all over the world to promote and make Italian food known.

Word of Double life!

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